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Want to Unlock A Natural Skill So Powerful That People Will HAPPILY Do Whatever You Ask Them To Do? You're Probably Thinking "YEAH RIGHT!"  Well... Check This Out!
Say "HELLO" To Your New Ability To Recruit Like A Rockstar And Generate Sales Online (... and offline) Like NEVER BEFORE!
"When You Combine The Truth With The Ability To Positively Influence People Who Have A Problem You Can Solve, They Will Happily Buy From You Over And Over Again!" - Rex Harris 
Do you or someone you know struggle with the right things to say in social situations? It's okay if you do... 

Here's an example (true story)... my first mentor used to keep a trash basket next to him, when he was new to hosting conference calls, in case he needed to throw up. Today, he's earned well over 7 figures as a network marketer and is one of the most persuasive people you'll ever meet.

Another true story... The first time I shot a YouTube video (over 10 years ago) I weighed nearly 340 pounds (and was HORRIBLY self- conscious about it). Nonetheless, I took an old laptop computer with a USB webcam and walked into the heart of The Westgate (located in Glendale, Arizona), sat down next to the fountain during the Patriots and Giants Superbowl Party, rocked back and forth (like grandma on three shots of espresso in her rocking chair) and talked into the camera for the first time while people watched. It was scary!

Like my mentor, I gutted it out... but it paid off! One of those early Arizona videos helped to create several $1300 days promoting an entry level opportunity.

Turns out that stuff worked (and still does). $18,000 in sales and commissions (over two weeks time) just chatting with people on MySpace and other social sites. 

I was flat broke, working as a block pastor in Phoenix, Arizona... barely making ends meet. My wife and I risked our rent money because we had been introduced to SOMEONE who ASSURED us they could help us get the results we were looking for... and he delivered!

Spending the first month, (behind on the rent) trying to work and learn alone, was frustrating. The help was there all along I just didn't take it. It felt like time was being wasted and frustration lead to action.

One Sunday night after a company training call I accepted an invitation for an hour of private coaching. Doing what he showed me to do, the following two weeks of application resulted in $18,000 in sales on a $2000 product that paid 50% commission... RENT PAID :)
At that very moment I understood what it meant to have a mentor who can show you how to get the results you want NOW!

But I also discovered a HUGE problem for many of the people who want to make money selling something on or offline. "Gutting it out" is hard! There's a lack of willingness on the part of people, who REALLY NEED these skills, to go through that period of discomfort.

And who's to blame them? Who in their right mind wants to put themselves through that pain and discomfort, especially when they are alone?

But That's EXACTLY What My Business Partner, Jocelyn Jones Did...

She made a decision to punch fear in the face and go ALL IN on her INTENTION of becoming a speaker!

Now she's traveled around the world, sharing her expertise on the topics of Instagram and online marketing.

How does a small-town soccer mom go from struggling home business owner to internationally recognized speaker who has been interviewed via podcasts, television and more in less than four years?

She made a decision to do it, regardless of the fear... 

... but she also had the support system to see her through the process! She had a mentor, she had a team and a network of friends she met along the way who have helped her excel.

As we have traveled together to various events, engagements and masterminds we have witnessed, first hand, the IMMENSE demand for coaching from qualified, experienced people who know how to navigate the landscape of social media and the Internet as a market place.

As we have developed and sold our own digital products, we have seen the POWER of a high value, incentive-based marketing campaign produce sales conversion over 80%.

Sharing opportunities with people, we have discovered the simplicity of following a proven formula for success that produces QUANTIFIABLE results in the MAJORITY of social and business networking situations, even for people promoting an MLM based product or opportunity.

To Fill This Demand For Education And Support, Jocelyn and I have Created "JR's New Accelerated Results Network" To Provide A Way For You To Learn And Apply While Working Your Business At The Same Time! 

Sessions Are Held In A Live Support Environment Online. There, You'll Get The Hands On, Eyes On Support You Need To Create Long-Lasting Relationships And Get Into Profit Faster!

Testimonials From Associates And Friends
Want a mentor to help you master the skills of conversational marketing? Rex Harris can help you take your business to the next level. It's a learned skill that requires mentorship to master and Rex can show you the way.

Darren Little

The MLM Superhero
I tried to figure out and set up an Instagram page. I was so confused. How could it help my business? I spent some time with Jocelyn Jones (Mrs. J) and now I know the "simple" way to engage followers and drive sales!

Dr. Karen Perkins

Relationship Coach
The challenges with other live training environments is that they are either "one size fits all", "too much information" or "STEALING TIME" that you could be using to increase your profitability!

JR's New Accelerated Results Network Provides Specialized Support That Assists You With Getting The Income Producing Activities Done As You Learn!

  • Are you a coach, consultant or speaker who wants more clients and/or gigs? 
  • Are you a network marketer or recruiter? 
  • Are you an affiliate marketer promoting an educational based product, service or program? 

We work DIRECTLY with you on the creation of a reputation that will cause others to share you with friends and generate more business through repeat sales... a method of marketing that has generated over 10 million dollars in COMMISSIONS over the last two years!

As part of our Accelerated Results Network YOU'LL GET personalized assistance dedicated to the growth of your business using a variety of conversational marketing approaches including...

  • Breaking The Ice with new friends and associates via social media
  • Engaging new LinkedIn connections, Facebook friends, Instagram followers and more
  • Attracting new, like-minded friends and followers by engaging in simple conversations
  • Engaging in groups (specific to your niche) that EASILY attracts new leads, followers and clients
  • Using the power of influence and persuasion to get more YES's!
  • Increase sales and sign ups by maximizing work time to create more free time

You'll also receive advanced help in everything from how to respond to a prospect during a conversation to even closing a high ticket sale!

Testimonials From Associates And Friends
I am always amazed when Rex comes up with a new marketing 
strategy for attracting subscribers  and customers. I know Rex from several training programs over the last 5 Years. When he talks, I listen. 

Ralf Dooley

Internet Marketing Expert & Traffic Specialist
I’m a part-time home business owner and have limited time to get everything done. I hired Rex to put together a marketing system for me. Rex did a FANTASTIC job with the graphics and fixing up my pdf giveaway. He literally had to learn how to use my website theme and autoresponder in order to put the system together. I was so impressed by how quickly he learned how to use the tools I already had in place (which was very important to me) to get the job done. I was thrilled to see the final result and have been using it for a few days now and have a lot of people opting- in to receive my free giveaway. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Rex again!  He is an amazing marketer.

Lorie Durfee

Wellness Advocate

Nothing You Can Learn Will Amplify Your Ability To Generate Wealth Like Learning How To Engage With People Using Social Media!

Once you understand how simple it is to engage people who have the CAPACITY to do business with you, you'll see how equally simple it is to speak with them about a problem they could use your help in solving.

Look at the skill of conversational marketing as THE "Ace Up Your Sleeve" that other people don't have up theirs. 

Most people go to MeetUps or Network After Work events without any working knowledge of how to engage people in conversation. They also join groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks with something to share but have no idea where to begin.

JR's Accelerated Results Network provides the HANDS ON SUPPORT you need to become part of the conversation, thrive in your communities and utilize the power of influence to create long-lasting relationships with anyone you choose!

Get started right now...
DO NOT CLOSE THIS PAGE BEFORE THE TIMER EXPIRES! Once the timer expires the one time offers will disappear forever. 
27 years combined experience in direct sales, online marketing expertise ready to go to work with you starting today!
Choose the session that is best for you...
Small Group Option: 3 To 5 People
  • Share space with 3 to 5 other like minded entrepreneurs in a "learn and do" environment. This option is a great fit for anyone interested in learning about and working on the "what to say and how to say it" elements of their presence both online and offline. 
  • During one of these sessions you'll likely see and experience, in real time, how to create conversations with people on sites like LinkedIn or Facebook, qualify a profile, engage and offer assistance as an expert in whichever audience you are working to reach!
  • Creational support (defined below) will also be available during the small group sessions but as it is shared time there will be less time for this. If you believe you'll need more creation support (content creation, memes, graphics, branding support, etc.) then Private Coaching & Creational Support will be the better fit for you.
Regular Price: $1997
Private, Personalized Coaching & Creational Support
  • This is for anyone who is ready to go all-in on your dream and build a FABULOUS presence online that is going to earn the trust of prospective clients/customers and set you apart in any niche or any business you desire!
  • For 12 (90 minute) sessions you'll have 100% of our attention focused on doing whatever is necessary to create a persuasive presence online that will attract your perfect audience and cause them to fall in love with buying stuff from you.
  • During this time we will be able to help you with anything inside our broad skillset and if there's something we can't help you with, we know someone who can.

  • Creational support includes (but not limited to) design and branding work, graphic creations, keyword research and content creation. This does not include video production or any work associated with video.
Regular Price $3997
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